Hearts in Unity - Feed, clothe and educate orphans and at-risk children in Tanzania Africa
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Basic human needs.  
Feed us... clothe us... educate us... love us.

It was simple request from the many orphan and other at-risk children in Tanzania, Africa... children who had no voice and  who had no advocate.

But these children now have hope, a new beginning and a brighter future.

Since 2006 we have been connecting people around the world and reaching out to the children of Tanzania.  With our "Hearts in Unity"  we are truly making a difference and changing lives… one precious child at a time.

We invite you to open your heart to these children... and to join us on an amazing journey of compassion, love and hope.

Asante sana!  Thank you!  
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Education is the key to overcoming the crippling poverty which is part of the daily lives of children in Tanzania.  Yet...  MORE
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A school uniform… a shirt, a skirt or pair
of trousers, and a pair of shoes.  A warm sweater and a knit hat when...   MORE
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Hunger is a reality of daily life for many children in Tanzania.   As the 5th poorest country in the world, the...   MORE
Feed them, clothe them, educate them, love them. 
  Reaching out to the children of Tanzania, Africa, with hearts in unity... making a difference.... changing lives... one precious child at a time. 
Feed them...
Feed Them
Clothe them...
Clothe Them
Educate them...
Educate Them
Feed the Children of Tanzania
Clothe the children of Tanzania
Educate the children of Tanzania
Help the children of Tanzania
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