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Nursery and Day Care School in Tanzania, Africa
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Established in early 2017 and located in Arusha, Tanzania, Small Achievers is a Nursery and Day Care School where we currently care for 30 children who are between the ages of 1 and 6 years old.  With the motto "Education Opens Doors," we are already well established and respected in our community as a place of quality care and teaching of young children.  

With the love and support of our friends in this mission, the Small Achievers Nursery and Day Care School will continue to grow and flourish, ensuring the children here are safe, loved, and have a solid foundation of education in their early years. 
Our Background

For the past 4 years, PJ, the founder of Small Achievers, worked with the volunteer organization  Projects Abroad, as a Care and Teaching Projects Coordinator.  In this role, he helped place volunteers in a variety of orphanage centers, day care centers and schools around Tanzania.  This experience reinforced what he already knew... that children needed quality care and attention, especially in their younger years. 

During his work with Projects Abroad, PJ often saw very young children roaming the streets after their parents left for work each morning, and he was saddened to see children in his community playing around along the dirty roads with no adult supervision.  To make matters worse, he saw the children were also playing very near the shops that served alcoholic beverages, and the children were mimicking the behaviors and language of locals who were buying and drinking the alcohol nearby. 

After much prayerful consideration, discussion and planning, PJ and his wife Scolar, embraced and embarked on a mission to help care for these "little angels" in their community, and "Small Achievers" Nursery and Day Care Center was born. 

In 2018, Hearts in Unity, a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the USA, partnered with Small Achievers.  It is our mutual hope that this partnership will help Small Achievers achieve their goals in their care and teaching of the small children they serve in Tanzania. 
How can you help?

Our current Wish List includes:

  - Additional beds with mattresses, bed sheets and pillows for the children's naps
  - Floor mats for our classrooms and play rooms
  - White boards and markers to facilitate teaching in our classrooms
  - A new swing set plus swings to help build gross motor skills
  - Additional toys for the children to enrich their learning and play. 
  - A hand washing station to help ensure cleanliness and good health
  - Toothpaste and toothbrushes (plus hiring a dental hygienist to visit our center)
We welcome 
your donations 
in support of our 
Day Care and School. 
When you click the DONATE button, you will be given the option to choose the amount of your donation and the item from our Wish List that you would like to support.

Thank you!   
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