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  Hope Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa  ♥ 
(Hope Empowerment and Development Organization)
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School Lunch Program
$30 per child / month ($ USD)
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  Help us feed, clothe and educate  
the children of Hope Orphanage
Hope Orphanage is located in the town of Usa River, in the northern Arusha region of Tanzania, Africa.  This organization currently cares for 75 orphans, age 3-7. 

Hearts in Unity partners with Hope Orphanage to help provide food, clothing and education for these orphan children.  
Give a gift to support the
Chicken Project
$10 per chicken ($ USD)
Other current wish list items for Hope Orphanage and School include:
-  Textbooks, school supplies and school uniforms
-  Tuition scholarships
-  A chicken project which would produce a sustainable income for the orphanage
-  A second classroom building.  They currently have one classroom for half the children. 
   The other children have classes outside or on the porch of a home next to the school.
-  Health/medical insurance for the children

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The greatest current challenge and desire for the teachers of Hope Orphanage is to be able to continue to provide a nutritious school lunch for these children.  When a school lunch is provided, the children can continue classes in the afternoon.  Without a school lunch, the school may offer only morning classes.  
Hearts in Unity currently provides some support for their school lunch program, but the need continues. A nutritious meal that includes meat, vegetables and fruit costs only about $1 per child, or just $30 to feed one child for a full month.

You can help us to feed the children this daily meal that will provide them the nutrition they need, and give them the opportunity to continue their education at the
school each afternoon.  
To make a donation in the amount of your choice to be used towards building
a new classroom
or towards 
health/medical insurance
for the children, 
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