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 Basic Food Items 
Hunger is a reality of daily life for many children in Tanzania.  

As the 5th poorest country in the world, the average household income in Tanzania is less than $400 per year -- or just about $1 per day to feed a family often comprised of 7 or more people.  
At this level, many families struggle to feed their children even one simple meal each day.  Orphans, often living with grandparents or taken in by other families in the village, face
even greater challenges.

To compound this problem, many children attend schools that do not have the means to provide even a simple meal of uji (thin corn flour porridge) or ugali (thick corn meal porridge) to the students
at lunchtime.  Hunger negatively affects a child's ability to concentrate and learn during school.  Children who do not do well in school are limited in their opportunities for further education and the chance to break out of the cycle of the poverty of generations.

Yet, the solution is so simple... together, we can feed the orphan and at-risk children of Tanzania.  
♥  Give a gift of a chicken to a family in need
♥  Give a gift of a goat to a family in need
♥  Give a gift of a cow to a family in need
♥  Give a gift of basic food items to a family
♥  Give a gift of porridge for a class of students
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Many people in Tanzania are subsistence farmers, attempting to grow enough food on their own to feed their families. Frequently lacking any outside income source (other than to perhaps sell extra produce at market) purchasing extra basic food items such as maize, rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, tea and coffee is difficult at best.  

Imagine the gratitude of a parent who receives a gift bag of basic food items which can help them to feed their children. 
 Chickens, Goats and Cows  
Give a chicken to a Tanzanian family and you are giving them a ongoing source of nutrition and income -- fresh eggs are rich in protein and other nutrients, and extra eggs can be sold to pay for other needed household items.

Provide a goat or a dairy cow to a family in need and you’ll also help boost a family’s overall nutrition and health with a lasting source of protein-rich milk. 

You’ll also enable the family the opportunity to earn a much-needed income in their own village or at the local market by selling extra dairy products.  The offspring of the animals can be sold for extra income, too, or shared with other families in the village.  The animals even provide fertilizer that can dramatically increase crop yields.

Imagine how many people in the village that you can help with your donation towards the purchase of a chicken, goat or cow.   
Lunch at school seems simple enough.  Feed their stomach and feed their mind. But while there are some schools in Tanzania that are able to serve students a simple lunch of uji (thin corn meal porridge) or ugali (a thicker corn meal porridge), there are many schools that can not.  

The  availability of this noon meal ultimately depends on the financial means of the children's parents.  But with an average household income of less than $1 a day, paying for a school lunch is often an expense that becomes little more than a hope and promise, especially when there are often 6 or more children in a family.

Imagine providing a school lunch for a whole classroom of Tanzanian children.
 Porridge for Lunch
Make a one-time donation to help feed the children
Give a gift of a
Goat  ($100)
Give a gift of a
Chicken  ($10)
Give a gift of a
Cow  ($500)
Give a gift of
School Lunch for 50 students  ($25)
Give a gift basket
of Food  ($20)
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