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Feed them, clothe them, educate them, love them. 
  Reaching out to the children of Tanzania, Africa, with hearts in unity... making a difference.... changing lives... one precious child at a time. 
Feed the Children of Tanzania
Clothe the children of Tanzania
Educate the children of Tanzania
Help the children of Tanzania
Feed Them
Clothe Them
Educate Them
Feed them...
Feed Them
Clothe them...
Clothe Them
Educate them...
Educate Them
Hearts in Unity "Pledge for Change"
We'd like to invite you -- and challenge you -- to take the Hearts in Unity "Pledge for Change"

At the end of each day for the next month, empty the extra change from your pocket or purse,
and drop the coins into a jar, cup, bowl, basket or other container. 

At the end of one month...
set aside a time to count the change you collected... to count your blessings...
and to make a donation to Hearts in Unity equal to the amount of the coins you saved for the month.

Your extra CHANGE can help CHANGE the life of a child living in Tanzania, Africa.

Take the "Pledge for Change" now!

                   I pledge my extra CHANGE for the next month to help CHANGE the life of a child in Tanzania.
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EMAIL a photo of the coin pledge container you are using for your "Pledge for Change"
(or better yet, a photo of you holding your coin pledge container)
and we'll feature it in our "Pledge for Change" photo album below!
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All rights reserved

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Share your "Pledge for Change"
and send us your photo!
Submitting your "Pledge for Change" places you under no obligation. 
We may use your first name and state or country in helping to promote the Hearts in Unity "Pledge for Change" program.
Email addresses are kept strictly private and confidential.  We will not share or sell your email address with any external person or organization.
What are you waiting for?  There's no better time than now to start!
Check your cupboard... look on a shelf... find something to use for holding your coins...
and start saving your CHANGE to help CHANGE the life of a child in Tanzania!