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Education is the key to overcoming the crippling poverty which is part of the daily lives of children in Tanzania.  Yet, the educational environment in this third world country makes learning a daily challenge. 

Schools, classrooms, teachers and textbooks are in short supply.  Classrooms with 75 students taught by one teacher are common. As many as five students share a single 4-foot long desk.  A single textbook is often shared by as many as 20-25 students. Several students often share a pencil, or use a pencil that has been cut in half for two children to use.  

Families living in extreme poverty struggle to purchase the required school uniforms, shoes and school supplies for their children.  Children can be sent home from school for not having these basic items.

In supporting the academic and extracurricular activities of schools such as Seela Primary School, Maring'a Juu Primary School and Shekilango Primary School, we are empowering these children with the tools they need to succeed in achieving their dreams.  

The solution is so simple... together, we can educate the orphan and at-risk children of Tanzania.
Children in Tanzania love to play sports with their friends. But soccer balls and volleyballs are a luxury that no individual child owns.  Rarely are schools even able to afford balls for the children to play with during breaks from academic classes or after school.  

Instead, a child will make their own ball out of a rock wrapped in old plastic bags and tied with pieces of string or vines. 

Imagine how delighted the children would be if they had new soccer balls and volleyballs to use at school with their friends. 
Tanzania suffers from an critical shortage of both teachers and schools to accommodate all of the school age children.  There are not enough classrooms in many schools, forcing teachers to hold their classes outdoors.  With the limited number of teachers, class sizes can exceed 75 students.  With that many children in a classroom, desks are often in short supply, and 4-5 children must share a single 4-foot long bench

Imagine how much easier it would be for these children to focus on their studies if they simply had
more room to sit.
Throughout the country of Tanzania, there is an average of just 1 textbook for every 5 students.
In the schools we help support through Hearts in Unity, there are as few as 3 or 4 textbooks in each  classroom, forcing as many as 20-25 children to gather around a single textbook as they carefully copy their lessons into a small notebook. 

Imagine how much easier it would be for these children to learn and succeed in school if there were more textbooks in every classroom.  
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 School Supplies & School Bags 
In many Tanzania schools, it is not uncommon for several students to share a single pencil. Pencils are sometimes cut in half so that 2 children can each have a pencil of their own.  Erasers are scarce – a Tanzanian child will lick his or her finger and attempt to rub the pencil marks off of the paper.  These children consider themselves fortunate if they are able to find an old, used plastic bag in which to carry a pencil and small notebook to and from school.  

Having a backpack or similar school bag is a rare luxury when a family, often with 6 or more children, is struggling to survive on just $1 a day.  
 Soccer Balls & Volleyballs
 School Desks 
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 Gifts from the heart...  
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    school and the students and teachers in a school in Tanzania
Few children in Tanzania are fortunate enough to have a backpack in which to carry a pencil and small notebook for school.  Having even a simple fabric school bag is a luxury.  

How can you help? 
Sewing school bags for children in Tanzania is a fun and easy project perfect for 
sewing and quilting groups, scout troops, church groups and anyone who loves 
to sew. If you'd like to help us with our ongoing project to make school bags for 
the  thousands of children in our village schools, please download our pattern and 
 Sew School Bags
Children in Tanzania begin to learn English when they are in third grade. But textbooks for every subject, including books to help the students learn English, are scarce in Tanzanian classrooms.  

How can you help?
Making small Swahili/English phrase books is a wonderful project for children in schools, churches, Scout Troops, 4-H Clubs and more.

If you'd like to help us with our ongoing project to make these Swahili/English
phrase books for the students in our village schools, please download our
instruction document which also includes the pre-designed, book pages. 

You can then draw pictures or other designs on the front and back book covers, and assemble the books.  The books are then shipped to schools in Tanzania, and placed in the hands of children who are delighted to have a book of their very own to learn English.
 Make Swahili/English Phrase Books
Education is the key to overcoming poverty. Yet, for the families in Tanzania who live at a heatbreaking poverty level of about $1 a day for the needs of the whole family, sending a children to a secondary school after attending elementary school is a dream beyond their financial means. For the children, this means their education ends at about age 12.

How can you help?
When you contribute to our scholarship fund, you give children the opportunity to continue in their education and to rise out of the poverty of the countless generations before them.  Your support gives them hope where there had once been only worry and despair over their future. 

To learn more about donating to our scholarship fund, either for secondary school education or for a sewing/knitting internship at our Hearts in Unity sewing/knitting coop, click HERE to contact us and request information. 
 Tuition Scholarship Fund
 Sister School Partnerships
Regardless of where they live, children of all ages have a natural curiosity about children who live in other parts of the world.  They often have so many questions, but seldom any opportunity to ask questions or to share information about their own lives directly with other children on the other side of the world.  

How can you help?
When the students and teachers of a school embark on an “Sister School” partnership with a 
school in Tanzania, Africa, it opens up a world of learning and sharing that will forever change the lives of the students and teacher on both sides of the world.  

Facilitated through Hearts In Unity, a global “Sister School” partnership allows
the two schools to connect in ways that nurture ongoing mutual learning and sharing.  

To learn more about starting a global "Sister School" partnership, click HERE to contact us and request information. 

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Phrase Books
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Imagine the delight one of these children would feel if he or she received a brand new fabric school bag filled with school supplies. 
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