Textbooks for Tanzania

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And give the children in Tanzania the building blocks of education that can help them climb out of poverty!
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Feed them, clothe them, educate them, love them. 
  Reaching out to the children of Tanzania, Africa, with hearts in unity... making a difference.... changing lives... one precious child at a time. 
Feed the Children of Tanzania
Clothe the children of Tanzania
Educate the children of Tanzania
Help the children of Tanzania
Feed Them
Clothe Them
Educate Them
Feed them...
Feed Them
Clothe them...
Clothe Them
Educate them...
Educate Them
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Throughout the country of Tanzania, there is an average of just 1 textbook for every 5 students.

In the elementary schools we help support through Hearts in Unity, there are as few as 3 or 4 textbooks in a  classroom, forcing as many as 20-25 children to gather around a single textbook as they carefully copy their lessons into a small notebook.

You can help us to put much needed textbooks into the hands of these students.  
To make your donation of $5 per textbook, select the number of textbooks you'd like to donate by clicking on the drop down list in the box to the left, and then click the ADD TO CART button. 

If you are giving this gift in HONOR of a special person in your life, you can add special instructions at the time you submit your donation online.  When on the PayPal donation site, be sure to click on the link for "Add special instructions" and include the name and email address of the person(s) to whom you'd like us to send an email acknowledgement of your gift.
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Textbooks for Tanzania
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