Messages from the Heart - Write a letter of encouragement to a child or adult in Tanzania, Africa
How do I participate in this project?

It's simple – just write a short, simple message (we prefer messages in Swahilii -- see simple Swahili phrases below) and mail your postcard/card to Hearts in Unity at our USA address.  Your postcard/card will then be shipped to one of our Tanzanian villages and hand-delivered to a child who is in need of your words of encouragement.  Each handwritten postcard/card you write and send is a blessing and will surely be treasured, kept close at heart, and read over and over.

What type of postcard/card should I use?

We prefer that you use standard size picture postcards (to show pictures of your city, country, or things special about the area in which you live), or that you draw/color your own designs on our specially designed BLANK postcards.

Click HERE for our POSTCARDS document that you can
print on heavy paper (cardstock), cut into 4 postcards, and color as you wish

Unfortunately, we receive many cards that we are not able to use or send to Tanzania for a variety of reasons. 
If you prefer to write your message on a piece of paper or on a notecard instead of a postcard, or you prefer to draw a picture for a child in our village, please note the following important guidelines:

-  The card (or paper for the drawing) should be no larger than 4:25-inches by 5.5 inches.

-  You can put flat stickers on your card, but do not glue any 3-dimensional items onto the card (e.g. glitter, puffy stickers, feathers, foam shapes, shells, silk flowers, metal confetti pieces, etc.).  Because these cards are not flat, they are difficult to pack, and require additional shipping costs.  For these reasons, these cards will not be sent to Tanzania. 

-  If you want to draw a picture, use colored pencils or markers.  Please do not use crayons as they leave small pieces of wax that get transferred to other cards.

-  If you do want to use glue to glue something flat onto the card, do not use a glue stick. This glue is not permanent, and we don't have enough volunteers to re-glue things back on to your cards, and so these cards will not be sent to Tanzania.

-  If you do use glue to glue something flat onto your card, make sure the glue is fully dried before you place your cards in an envelope and send them to us .  If we receive cards that are glued/stuck together, these cards will be discarded and will not be sent to Tanzania.

-  Do NOT use glitter or glitter glue on your card. Again, most of these cards are sent to us before the glue is fully dried, and they are all stuck together, so we have to discard them.

-  Please remember to sign your card or include your first name somewhere on the card (the Tanzanian kids really want to know "who" made their card for them).

-  Do not include your mailing address anywhere on the card for the Tanzanian child. The Tanzanian children do not have the financial means to write back to you.  These cards will not be sent to Tanzania.

Recycling colorful greeting cards you've received from others is a good idea.  If you are using recycled greeting cards, simply cut off the front of the greeting card and use it as a postcard (cut to a maximum 4.25-inch by 5.5-inch size).  You can write your message on the blank side of the recycled greeting card.

Using recycled Christmas cards is just fine as we do deliver cards in Tanzania around the Christmas holiday.  However, please avoid using recycled greeting cards that have phrases such as "Happy Kwanza" (Tanzanian's don't celebrate Kwanza), “Happy Birthday,” “Get Well,” “Happy Mothers/Fathers Day” or other similar “special occasion” messages.  Cards with these greetings (other than general or Christmas greetings) will not be sent to Tanzania.

What should I write?

A short, simple message with a greeting and words of encouragement is best.  Due to the high volume of cards/notes we receive for the children in our villages, our resources for translating letters from English to Swahili is limited.  We encourage you to keep your notes short, and to write some (or all) of your message in Swahili (see below for simple words/phrases in Swahili). Please also personalize your card/letter by including your first name/signature. 

Need a few ideas on what to write?
      •  Share a little about yourself -- your name, age, where you are writing from (such as the school/city/state/country)
      •  Share a simple message of friendship, compassion, hope, and encouragement
      •  Please avoid asking questions as the recipient will not have an opportunity to reply directly to you

We encourage you to use one or more of the following Swahili phrases on your postcard/card.   

Please also consider including/writing all or some of the following verse/blessing in Swahili.  This blessing is very familiar and comforting to a child who receives your postcard/card....

            Haya ndiyo ninayokutakia katika maisha yako...
                  Bwana awabariki na kuwalinda,
                  Bwana awainulie uso wake na kuwabariki,
                  Bwana awaangazie nuru ya uso wake na kuwapa amani.

                            The translation is included below (you do NOT need to include the English translation in your letter):
                                  This is what I wish for you in your life...
                                       May the Lord bless you and protect you,
                                       May the Lord be kind and gracious to you,
                                       May the Lord look on you with favor and give you peace.

If you would like to include the above verse/blessing on the postcard/card, but don't want to write it by hand, you can click HERE for a document you can print onto white or colored paper.  You can then cut the verse/blessings apart, and securely glue a verse/blessing to your postcard/card.  Please use regular glue, and not a glue stick, and ensure the glue is fully dried before sending the postcard/card to Hearts in Unity.

Can I write more than one postcard/card?

Of course!  You are more than welcome to write more than one postcard/card and to invite your family and friends to write cards/notes also.  This is a wonderful project for a school, church, or community group.  Multiple postcards/cards can be sent to Hearts in Unity in the same envelope/package. 

Will I receive a reply from my postcard/card?

With the thousands of postcards/cards we deliver to the children in our Tanzanian villages each year, we are not able to provide individual replies to your postcards/cards. We do, however, post photos on our website of the school children who receive these “Messages from the Heart” so you can see the smiles and delight these cards/letters bring.

Where should I mail my postcard/card?

All cards/notes should be mailed to the following address. 
Multiple postcards/cards should NOT be placed
in individual envelopes, but can be included in the
same envelope/package for mailing to Hearts in Unity. 

                  Hearts in Unity
                  “Messages from the Heart” 
                  P.O. Box 41
                  Germantown, WI  53022   USA

If you would like to receive a confirmation by email that your postcards/cards have been received by Hearts in Unity,
please provide the following information in the envelope containing the that you send to us.

Send a
"Message from the Heart"
In the unique project
“Message from the Heart”
you can share a
heart-felt message of greeting,
friendship and encouragement
with a child in Tanzania, Africa.

As the 5th poorest country in the world, the average household income in Tanzania is less than $400 a year, and families often comprised of at least 6 people struggle to survive on less than $1 a day.  At this heartbreaking poverty level, many parents struggle to feed their children even one simple meal per day.

For the 2.5 million orphans in this third-world country, the challenges of daily life are even more overwhelming.  It's easy to get discouraged and lose hope when this is the life you face day after day.

      But you can help make a difference!
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Habari yako...................How are you
Mimi ni mzima................I am fine
Jina langu ni _____.......My name is _______
Uwe na siku njema........Have a good day
Amani ikae nanyi..............Peace be with you
Bahati njema....................Good luck
Anapendwa......................You are loved 
Mungu akubariki sana......God bless you
Mungu awalinde...............God watch over you
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Messages from the Heart
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